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1 декабря 2023 г.    Итак, мы начинаем. Наш традиционный ежегодный виртуальный конкурс стендовых моделей DiShow-2023 открыт. Уже в 21-й раз ...
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опубликовано 2023-07-17
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"The Assembly"
Trumpeter 1:144
Li Jun jie
aka Paladin
 просмотр фото в отдельном окне
 просмотр фото в режиме "lightbox"
(голосов: 2  оценка: 7.5)
    It been 15 years in WenChuan great earthquake. Every Chinese people remember this great disaster, and also, remember some touching stories happened in it. One of these was the next day after earthquake, PLAAF paratroopers were assmeble and landed Il-76 flew to WenChuan. 15 paratroopers took risk jump out without any ground information and guidance. These fearless soldiers lucky land alive, some of them were wounded. They learnt disaster area situation and make communication with headquarters, guide more and more rescue to come. They gave the people hope, save their lives, they were called "The 15 warriors of WenChuan" in China. The fact is, the PLA offices and soldiers always save the people, not just in earthquake, but also in flood disaster, in snow disaster and other situation. (They are not like some oher country military force, just sit above vehicle and look with weapons.)
   The people also remember the Il-76 transporters , they can carry so many people and goods to any place, with high reliability. We Chinese people took they as heros too!
   To memorize ours heros, I built this little scene: a group of Chinese paratroopers are landing a Il-76, they answer the call ready to fly to somewhere need them.
   I uesd trumpeter Il-76 kit. As you know, it is a old kit and with out and interior detail. So I built a simple drive cabin.
   And also the cargo cabin, with ZVEVDA instruction and real plane pictures as reference.
   After painted, the result is OK for me.
   I add some drawboard detail too.
   But it's all dark in drive cabin after painted.
   China bought Il-76MD, but the tail is civil type without guns. Tumpeter kit didn't offer, so I rebuilt by myself.
   I also correct engine wheel position.
   I choose 3D print soldiers, they are with amazing details !
   And also, built a block of airfied.
    That's all, thanks for watching, good modeling.