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published 2021-03-29
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Soviet medium flamethrower tank TO-34
Italeri 1:72
Vitaly Pechnikov
aka Metallic
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   Soviet medium flamethrower tank TO-34, Baltic, 1944.
   The model was assembled using different sets. Tank body - fast assembly T-34-76 "Italeri". Tank turret - fast assembly T-34-76 "Plastic Soldier". Rollers and tracks - T-34-76 "Italeri". Driving wheels and sloths - "SG-Modeling" resin. Flamethrower armored mask and commander's tower - "Eastern Express". Photo-etched - "Dragon" and "SG-Modeling". The headlight is "Elf". Decals - "Colibri". I made an antenna outlet, handrails and a roll-up of the awning. Paint - spray "Tamiya".