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2021-04-14    DiShow-2020. Опубликованы последние итоги работы жюри. Конкурс завершен. Спасибо всем участникам, все было как всегда здорово. Если вы не видите итогов по каким-либо номинациям, значит согласно Правилам эти номинации не состоялись.

Победители и призеры конкурса могут забрать свои дипломы здесь.

Дипломы для всех остальных участников можно получить здесь.

До новых встреч!
published 2021-02-23
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Zvezda 1:35
Dmitry Ukryukov
aka Northfox
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   I present to the public a T-34 produced by UZTM with a stamped turret "formochka" from Zvezda.
   Despite some controversial points, I liked the model. It is easy to assemble. During the construction, a chiseled metal barrel, wire ropes, working tracks from Miniart and the remnants of photo etching from the construction of other models of T-34 were used-MTO nets, front and rear mudguards, straps for attaching spare tracks and cables. In some places, he added an imitation of the cast surface and welded seams, replaced the loops for attaching the shmurdyak to the armor with wire. The tarpaulin was made from a napkin soaked in diluted PVA glue.
   The tank is painted with AK real color and Tamiya acrylic paints. White "winter" coloring was imitated by the method of hairspray. The tarpaulin was painted with water-resistant acrylic from Valejo (I used these paints for the first time — I really liked them). Weathering - washes and pigments from MiG, dirt from AK. Snow - soda mixed with acrylic resin.
   Enjoy your viewing.