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published 2021-02-15
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Ammunition transporter based on the Pz.III-J tank (Munitionsschlepper Pz. III)
Звезда, DRAGON, самодел 1:35
Aleksandr Novikov
aka Михалыч 59
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   Hello, fellow modelers.
   I bring to your attention the model of the German conveyor belt of ammunition on a tank chassis Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.J or Munitionsschlepper Pz. III
   The model was assembled from different boxes, the manufacturers are mainly Star and Dregon.
   As a basis, I took the body bath from Pz. Kpfw. III Ausf.F from the Star, from the Dregon came the details on the wheelhouse, fore and aft. MTO and the rear part of the body was redesigned. I made side screens, holders-brackets to them, an antenna and a holder, a lodgment, front fenders, flanging on shelves, holders of shelves with brackets, welds, a reflector in the headlight, wiring to the headlight and taillight, cables, a cap made of copper wire in place of the tower with a cape made of rubberized fabric from the weather, support rollers used from different triples spare, but they did not have hub caps, I made caps for the hubs and six bolts each and a grease bolt. Rinks on the shelves: the cores of the rinks from the troika E-modification, bandages from the Star. I made a box on the left shelf for personal belongings of the crew, etc.
   Thank you very much to the modeler Kais (Alexey from Moscow) for the plastic Magic tracks, spare parts and part of the trench tool.
   It was based on a photograph of an ammunition carrier from that period, July-August 1943, Kursk Bulge, 505 Heavy Tank Battalion (Schwere Panzer-Abteilung 505). I tried to make the model as reliable as possible as in a black-and-white photo of the front years. The Germans painted their equipment in the 505th battalion: camouflage in the form of large brown spots (Braun RAL 8017), applied to the base dark yellow Dunkel Gelb.
   Painted with paints and lacquers from Tamiya, AKAN, ZIP, stained with products of WILDER, MIG.
   Thanks to the modeler Igor from Penza (Zahar 157) for the information support.
   I invite you to view it, Alexander.