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2021-04-14    DiShow-2020. Опубликованы последние итоги работы жюри. Конкурс завершен. Спасибо всем участникам, все было как всегда здорово. Если вы не видите итогов по каким-либо номинациям, значит согласно Правилам эти номинации не состоялись.

Победители и призеры конкурса могут забрать свои дипломы здесь.

Дипломы для всех остальных участников можно получить здесь.

До новых встреч!
published 2021-02-08
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Beyond reality ... PS ...
Revell 1:32
Gennady Zavrazhnev
aka ученик
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    Friends! Hello!
    The last work from the heading "now I will drown everyone." Now if there is water, it will be no more than a river. The photographs show the "killed" German fighter Messerschmitt Bf. 109 from Revvel in the 32nd msshtba. The plot is complete fiction, but with a grain of truth. The model is voluminous enough to fill in with resin, it took almost 18 kege, you can raise the fiK!
    When building, I looked through photographs of aircraft of real aircraft. The artistic part in my case comes first, no material part ...
    Hotographed the work in two stages. First, a photo without resin fill using the Underwater plugin, with some photos taken using a resin lens. Photos with resin are immediately visible, bubbles are not going anywhere. As you like for every taste and color. In reality, small bubbles do not spoil the work at all, on the contrary, they only give the illusion of water space. At the same time, a photo without resin can, so to speak, creep up from all sides, which cannot be done with resin. And there is always the possibility that the resin will throw out another surprise in the form of some kind of curvature in space and time. I left a few photos without resin, so to speak in a live form, and it turned out, in my opinion, not bad either.
    The last photo is the final result in the form of a loaf ...
    Color TAMIYA, pigments WILDER. AK tinting. Resin Artline.
    I do as best I can, but I always try better! ..