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2021-02-22    Первыми у нас отсудилось авиационное жюри. А поскольку в некоторых несостоявшихся номинациях присутствуют модели авиатехники, большое жюри, удовлетворив просьбу малого, публикует результаты и по этим номинациям. Дополнительно (несколько вопреки нашим правилам) номинация "What if..." и картон.

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published 2020-10-12
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Opel Blitz with Imbert Coal Engine
Italeri 1:35
Roland Sorgner
aka major
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Holzgas Lkw
   Wood gas vehicles like this Opel Blitz were used from 1943 in the late months World War II as a consequence of the rationing of fossil fuels. In Germany around 500,000 "producer gas" vehicles were in use till the end of the war. Usualle they were
   used in the homeland, but some of them also behind the front line especially in Italy and the east ...