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published 2019-12-03
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Model ZIL 131 from ICM
ICM 1:35
Petr Gedza
aka petr_gedza
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"A reasonable man adapts to the world; an unreasonable man tries to adapt the world to himself. Progress, therefore, always depends on the unwise."
George Bernard Shaw.
   A little weekend work. The model is assembled entirely out of the box.
   What did you like:
   1) Docking of details-normal, huge cracks and humps are not present, but it is necessary to file all the same.
   2) the Detail is quite good, but there are errors
   3) in General, the model is solid and heavy, there is no fear of breaking the touch
   What didn't you like:
   1) instruction - a lot of typos and it is not always clear what, where and why
   2) Decals - just horror, or do not hold, or torn, had to pick up from old stocks