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published 2018-01-17
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SpPz 2 Luchs A2
Revell 1:72
Aleksej Kolobov
aka a-cola
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   I represent to your attention the model of German reconnaissance machine SpPz 2 "Lynx". Despite the fact that trademark features of the German tankostroitelnye school can be traced in her appearance quite clearly, I'm kind of reminded of the Italian sports car of the 80s Lamborghini Countach. That is common in faceted forms and swift silhouette. So I called this car a Lamborghini from the Bundeswehr.
   The model was quite long bought randomly in a supermarket. Despite the fact that the set is old. he has made me a good impression of the quality of workmanship and elegance of small details. These high quality castings are not always met in modern sets. But when I took up the study of the prototype of all was that all not just. Every model has some simplification, exaggeration and inaccuracies, this is no exception. But in this case it distorts the shape of the model almost beyond recognition. You can look at what happens when you assemble this model out of the box. I think it would be interesting. But since alternatives to this set, as well as personal sympathy for the prototype, I had no choice left. Cut! Since no additions to it I couldn't find (I think they are generally no releases) That everything was done manually.
   The most problematic areas of the model, it is a tower, the bottom of the hull and wheels. The turret:
   - Reworked the ledge to the right of the gun, changed his pairing with the roof of the tower.
   - Reworked the gun mask.
   - The turret of the real machine clearly visible welds. Added them to the model.
   - Made of waterproof apron.
   - Added the detailing at the base of the gun barrel.
   - Improved gun flash Hider. The set ends with a gun of some strange, amorphous "thing". Had to cut the joints, select the bore and make 4 oblong holes in the flash suppressor. Considerably to suffer, considering the diminutive size and concoctent received the details, but it turned out much better than it was, and hang the covers on the guns I don't like.
   - Changed the shape of the tower in the upper left part.
   - Open sights carved out of existing closed.
   - Made fence sight wire, aluminum from cans and phototravel mesh (aka Venetian blinds MTO. Mesh purchase, however, and said that all manually))
   - Aluminium cans made from pen the turret hatches.
   - Rack enclosure hatch commander from the remnants of the frame etching.
   - Left on the turret made the axle of the gun if it is what the structure of unknown purpose on the cross.
   - Made lifting hooks and mounts front and on the back of the turret.
   - Smoke grenade launchers simulated tightening of clamps and fasteners caps. The grenade launchers themselves are shifted down compared to the recommended places.
   Now the case:
   - The most noticeable drawback of this part of the model - simplified form. I had to add her longitudinal fracture and portray lining.
   - Starboard has deep open compartment on the barely outlined. It is very evident, so it had to be deepened. Why do you need it on the real machine I did not understand, but made it a detailing for the photos as it is.
   - Just right removed the cutout for the footrest, which is only on the left side.
   - The left made a recess in the region of the handle side of the hatch and the handle.
   - Modified valeureuse flap. Over added 2 the "pimple". On pravdnem the end did relief and some fasteners. Wrong side noticed after priming. Fixed.
   - On the upper part of the body added detailing, such as around hatches and other, not know what to call.
   - In the headlight housings put in the glass and reflectors from Elf (purchase again, but it's definitely all)). Railings are bent from copper wire.
   - Made new tow hooks that are fastened to the mating parts on the fingers.
   - The front mudguard of aluminum from cans.
   - Because it is an oval hatch at the bottom of the NLD. The one that was on the model it was necessary to remove and place new below.
   Mirror finished, supplied wire legs. Attachment to the body is altered after the primer.
   - Made the body of the towing rod of extruded sprue. The staff part is too thin.
   - Modified entrenching tool, made him mount and change the location according to the photos.
   - Made the wire from a wire fixing it to the chassis and shackles.
   - Re-manufactured rear lights and dimensions. Why the developers did so as did not even know...
   - Redid the crankcases gearboxes propellers water propeller that the staff is absolutely not the correct form.
   - Made the reflectors on the brackets at the bottom of the stern.
   - Redid the towing device.
   - All brackets and handrails made of wire.
   - Antenna of extruded sprue.
   - The suspension itself is done very elegantly and in the remake, by and large, not much needs, but I have reduced ground clearance, did the strut and spring wire.
   - Wheels are assembled from three pieces and have in common similar relief. At least this tire found on some copies. But the flat hub mutilates them mercilessly. Had to raise the elevation of the hub and the sides of the disk and the bolts MASTERCLUB (I can't remember everything)), then copy from the resin.
   The improvements that's it!
   If someone mastered this, you brief about the painting. Primer, paint, lacquer TAMIYA. Toning, soiling MIG. P. S. the Regular decals license plates extremely large, took from the set of Pzh2000.
   Built a model for a long time, sometimes the hands just fell, but after the way I got the feeling that perhaps there are those who have conquered Everest! Well, that turned out to judge you, dear colleagues. Thank you for your attention.