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published 2018-01-14
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ACE 1:72
Aleksej Kolobov
aka a-cola
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Among strangers
   Hello, dear!
   Present a model of the BTR-80A Hungarian peacekeeping contingent. In Hungary these cars even more than in his native Russia, so why not? Model ACE much better than their old sets, and especially at first glance leaves a very good impression, but the "special" features are present in abundance. For example, none of the hatch on my place was not without serious adjustment. Detailing is good, but some items, such as lights or wheels absolutely filthy. On the Board of photo-etched parts are combined lovely details, like fencing headlights and completely inapplicable, such as the rear bumper, which bend faces. So in my opinion the road is the firm to choose the right, but go long. Importantly, this set can assemble similar to the prototype model, and it is not very bad.
   Read more about the modifications:
   - Replaced wheels, resin TANKOGRAD.
   - Lights New Penguin.
   - The barrels of gun, gun and smoke grenade launchers turned Zedval
   - Barbed wire photo etched parts.
   Otalnye homemade:
   - On the turret attached to the attachment points of additional equipment and hillsoboro machine gun, added corrugation on stock under body gun, reworked cover of the sight.
   - Floodlight holders homemade.
   - Simulated weld seams on the hull and turret.
   - Made new cover ventilation MTO with the appropriate relief.
   - Made a new horn.
   - Pre-wiring to the headlights.
   - Cover the windshields are made open, made of glass, their frames and windshield wipers.
   - Adjusted as far as possible form bin ZIP.
   - Straightened the front part valeureuse flap under the photo of the prototype.
   - Made new tow hooks, shackles, wire rope and cable attachment.
   - Modified the towing block, hanging on the left side.
   - Changed the location of the entrenching tool, made him mount.
   - Redesigned rear lights.
   - Aluminium from cans bent rear bumper and mount for the wire.
   - From the same arm of hatches on the body.
   - Cap gun is made more convex.
   - Made new foot pegs.
   - All brackets and handrails, racks mirrors made of wire.
   - Antenna of extruded sprue.
   The model is painted with TAMIYA acrylic. Color specific Hungarian variations of the standard NATO camouflage have hurt himself. Applied the technique of oil points. Filters, pollution-dust, chips of the enamel are mixed from TAMIYA. Lucky MICROSCALE, but this time they did not like me, maybe because long lie.
   All in all, thank you for your attention!