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published 2017-02-03
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Main battle tank Type 90
Trumpeter 1:72
Aleksej Kolobov
aka a-cola
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50-ton samurai
   Hello, interested comrades. The set is richly detailed for its scale. The quality is good, but there are drawbacks. For example utiny, oak rubber tracks, thick Savasana basket. But in General, a large volume of construction works is not required. Refinement produced the following:
   - Fabric cover on the trunk is molded from two-component putty.
   - Modified machine gun turret. Removed plastic from the inside of the basket for spent cartridges.
   - Reduced thickness of pipes sebachannel basket, on the bottom attached mesh.
   - On the boxes on the sides of the tower added straps from Tamiya tape.
   - Added faux chains on the covers of the smoke grenade launchers and hatches commander and gunner.
   - Modified feed, made a new lens on the exhaust pipe. Blinds are recessed in the center.
   - Made of wire rope and its fastening to the body (fixing work like the real thing, the cable can be removed and re-put))).
   - Headlamps drilled, supplied new from Elf. Outside set grid of photo-etched parts.
   - Made of wire of different handrails and guards turn signals.
   - Scopes and periscopes made from the CD.
   - Fastening of rollers strengthened to the extreme that they are not bent tight track.
   - The tank commander operated with the purpose of giving him human poses. The gunner will not help anything, that it is almost invisible.
   The Tamiya color, varnish and primer the same. Filters and Wilder remover (stripper not specifically addressed the areas of snow that are on the model of a relief too). Pollution MIG. But the tank is not dirty. And I do not like dirty and did not see any Japanese tanks in the photos. But some dirt on the bottom of the case and screen meet. Tried to do something similar. Among the photos of the models one comic, which is, I think, easily guessed)
   Thank you for your attention.