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published 2017-02-03
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Pzh 2000
Revell 1:72
Aleksej Kolobov
aka a-cola
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Granddaughter Of Ferdinand
   Hello, the model I have left quite a good impression. Cast efficiently. Marriage is not, in principle, even though the model is not new. But on closer study it turned out that something is missing, what is done is not entirely accurate. Well rollers I just did not like. And so the modifications:
   - Replaced rollers on improvised based on those from the model of the Leopard 2 from Hasegawa and sloths.
   - Reworked the lower part of the stern of the hull. Folding stage cut off and re-done in a reclined position made the flap and reflectors.
   - Lock guns on the Hiking made movable.
   - Cut slits in the muzzle brake.
   - Made the canvas cover on the trunk of a two-component putty of Tamiya.
   - Radar on the trunk re-done, added wiring.
   - Reworked the box on the trunk.
   - Added blind at the mask.
   - Deployed smoke grenade launchers.
   - Made basket on the tower of wire and etched grid. Belts from Tamiya tape.
   - Added loop on the large hatches on the starboard side of the turret.
   - Made new fencing hatch gunner.
   - Added torsion bars on manhole covers.
   - Aerial insights.
   - Made of wire fence lights, different handrails and mount on the aft door.
   - Modified headlights and other optics.
   - Changed the hatch on the starboard side in the bow.
   Painting with acrylic paints Tamiya standard set of equipment for NATO. Filters and toning Wilder and MIG. I wanted to portray the protagonist, pouchastvoval in the exercise somewhere in Europe, don't bathe, but not filthy beyond measure.
   Here's Ferdinand's granddaughter. It took more than half a century, but the gloomy Teutonic genius has stood the brand.
   Thank you for your attention.