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published 2017-01-16
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2S1 Gvozdika
ACE 1:72
Aleksej Kolobov
aka a-cola
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We are not accustomed to retreat!
   The model was gathered from a set of cast technology casting under low pressure with all the ensuing consequences. All items, without exception, blurry, widely distributed burrs and surface defects. By and large, the set can be considered a marriage entirely, but a small circuit Board etching, some details of which I have applied. But it's a challenge, and we are not accustomed to retreat!
   So, all the details polished. The cracks filled. Start modifications:
   - The turret:
   - Reworked gun mantlet. Added detailing, the hatch on top, screw heads and bolts as on the moving and the nonmoving parts.
   - The barrel replaced improvised from pieces of sprue of different diameters. (stuff from the set like some kind of Popsicle)
   - The muzzle brake removed from staff with the help of putty. Added straps and bolts.
   - Added a skirt over the shoulder strap.
   Amateur made retractable sight on the turret roof.
   - Reworked the hatch release liners.
   - Machined from a plastic, a new spotlight.
   - Improved the entire optics, scopes, periscopes.
   - Made from wire handrails and all kinds of staples.
   - Modified box. Modified attaching it to the tower. Added ribs.
   - Detailed feed tower. Roll the tarpaulin is made of paper, and then transfused into the plastic.
   - Added the welds.
   - The tank hull:
   - The caterpillars and the drive wheels resin OKB Grigorov
   - Track rollers based on Tankograd
   - Sloth in the set is made of one part. Accordingly, he cut and made double. Added graduatestudent.
   - Modified the bow of the hull. In particular, the reduced thickness of the parts that form the niche of headlights and front fenders.
   - Made new lights, caps with MTO, the exhaust device.
   - Added shield in front of the driver's hatch and periscopes etched grid on the roof of the enclosure.
   - Made all kinds of handrail brackets, cable attachment etc. details.
   - Modified the hinges of the hatches, including the tower.
   - Improved locking of the tools in the camping and tow hooks.
   - Made welds.
   The improvised rope, braided copper wire. Shackles copied from the model of the BTR-80A from ACE.
   The painting was done with airbrush on a primer TAMIYA vysvetleni protective paint Zvezda Master acrylic. Lacquer TAMIYA and MICROSCALE. Applied a light color modulation. Some items, such as bandages rollers, painted with acrylic TAMIYA. Remover this afternoon. Filters and dirt MIG. Dye stains petroleum products are mixed the TAMIYA enamel. MIG pigments used on the exhaust pipe and chassis. And a little body. The faces went soft stylus. In one of the photos (taken from the website prototype found handwritten on the sides of the inscription "DRAGON", which I think is very appropriate the protagonist (at the same time and decided on the paint scheme). Wrote it on the model in the same hand with acrylic Zvezda. Tried to reproduce inept spelling as on the prototype. As an add-on antenna hung the flag of Novorossia, printed on the printer.
   That seems to be all. Judge the result. Would I again for old ACE? I don't know... Although it is still BMD-2, with the already assembled hull. So, apparently, have)
   P. S. the photography of small objects I'm not an expert, for example the surface on some of the photo looks too grainy, probably due to suboptimal lighting. In reality, the grit in the eye is not evident. In reality, the grain isn't that noticeable (although the model in my life much less than usually opens on the monitor). So I will develop further in this direction.