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published 2015-03-25
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HAF F-16DJ block 50Q #081 - Moon Light Cafe
Italeri 1:48
Sergej YUrkov
aka papasmurf
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HAF F-16DJ block 50Q #081 - Moon Light Cafe (Italeri - 1/48)
   Hi, everyone!
   Let me introduce my first trial in 1/48 scale - HAF F-16DJ block 50Q #081 in fake Moon Light Cafe version with a nice lady on the left side of the fin tail. Model was built from the Italeri #2683 kit as a support participant in one of the competitions at the neighbor web site. Actually this is the reason for lady on board.
   The kit was selected as a good balance of price and quality (Tamiya's roots and Kinetic's plastic). As a matter of fact the HAF decals were also a factor of choice.
   During construction i have made all possible and impossible mistakes and implemented all classical DON'Ts for this very kit in particular and for F-16s in general. Learned a lot...
   However i was really happy to finish the kit up to my skills in time and for it if was main factor of satisfaction. It was a really tragic feeling when i learn about crash of the same type of HAF F-16 #84 in Spain....
   Thank you for watching and best regards to all!