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2021-02-22    Первыми у нас отсудилось авиационное жюри. А поскольку в некоторых несостоявшихся номинациях присутствуют модели авиатехники, большое жюри, удовлетворив просьбу малого, публикует результаты и по этим номинациям. Дополнительно (несколько вопреки нашим правилам) номинация "What if..." и картон.

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Advertizing on DishModels.RU
    Advertizing on the website DishModels.RU is intended for attraction of financial resources for the purpose of ensuring normal functioning of the website and holding various actions. Payment of a hosting, domains and other services of a hoster, modernization of servers demands considerable expenses therefore self-sufficiency of the website in today's conditions is a priority.

    The advertizing materials placed on pages of the website are divided into two parts: one part represents materials from external advertizing networks, and the second is own advertizing system of the website DishModels.RU. Own advertizing system of the website is created for involvement of potential advertisers and provides completely automatic process of submission of the advertizing material. Management of the advertizing companies, loading of advertizing materials, management of the account and other operations are carried out by the advertiser independently. The principle of placement of graphic advertizing materials - banners on specially allocated places on pages of the website - platforms is the cornerstone of advertizing system of the website. Platforms can be located in various places of pages of the website, on statistically more or less visited pages, as determines the final cost of placement of materials on this platform.

   Any user registered on the website can become the advertiser. For this purpose it is enough to submit to administration of the website on the postal address of the application in any form.

   The administration of the website is extremely interested in sponsors, advertisers and is ready to any forms of cooperation, having the serious technical potential and potential of expeditious development of additional software practically of any complexity.